About Us

İnci Makina was established in 1990 in Istanbul. With the rapid growth of the shoe industry, it started machine production and achieved successful results and gained customer satisfaction. By appealing to many customers in Turkey, it started to be recognized in the shoe industry in a short time. However, in order to appeal to the sector more and expand its customer portfolio, it has turned to investments within its own structure and started these investments by expanding its product portfolio and machine park.

Today, Çorlu İnci Makina San. Trade Ltd. Sti. produces 'Shoe Machines' using state-of-the-art machinery in its factory, which is established on a 3.500m2 closed area and 1.500m2 open area in the Ergene district of Tekirdağ.

With its 30 years of experience, it has made significant contributions to the industry of our country and the world with its qualified workforce, high technology and productivity-oriented production approach since its establishment. It has provided significant benefits to our country's economy by making a two-way contribution to foreign trade by preventing import substitution and export. It mainly prefers domestic supply chain and works with more than one hundred suppliers. In addition to providing employment, it increases the human capital power of our country by training qualified human resources. Without losing this focus, "Çorlu İnci Makina, to Turkey and the World; It continues to grow and increase its share in the national product with the motivation of "We love Turkey, we produce in Turkey for the shoe industry".